Relaxivum is a food supplement that contains natural ingredients which support the organism in
a situation of nervous tension or irritation. Relaxivum tranquilizers help to relax, restore emotional balance and promote relaxed sleep.

  • Balm leaves extract helps to keep a positive mood. It helps to relax, reduce tension and it has a positive impact on relaxed sleep.
  • Hop cones extract has a tranquillizing effect and it also promotes relaxed sleep.
  • Saffron crocus stigma extract helps to keep a positive mood and it promotes emotional balance.



food supplement




Active substance 3 tablets
balm leaves extract 150 mg
hop cones extract 75 mg
saffron crocus stigma extract 3.75 mg


Intended use

The product is intended for adults.

Recommended daily dosage

Adults – 1 tablet three times a day.


Store in a dry place, at room temperature, out of reach of small children. Protect from light and humidity.


180 tablets


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