Free Sinus tab.


The product supplements everyday diet with a complex of plant-based ingredients:

  • supporting functioning of the respiratory system
  • supporting physiological hydration of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system and sinuses


Free Sinus

food supplement


Active substances 1 tablet
Yellow gentian root extract (DER 5:1) 50 mg
Common mullein flower extract (DER 5:1) 50 mg
Black elder flower extract (DER 10:1) 50 mg
Common vervain herb extract (DER 5:1) 50 mg
Andrographis paniculata leaves extract containing 98% of andrographolides 25 mg
Extract of primula flower with calyx 20 mg
Sorrel herb extract 20 mg


Indications for use

The product is intended for adults.

Recommended daily dosage

1 tablet a day should be swallowed with water. The product should be taken during a meal.


Store in room temperature in a closed package, out of sight and reach of children. Protect from moisture.


60 tablets


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