Throatoguard lozenges

Throatogurd.– lozenges based on natural ingredients, where isomalt is used as a sugar replacement. The ingredients present in the product help soothe sore throat pain and moisturize throat. The product is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well for people with diabetes


food supplement


  • Iceland moss, propolis– help to alleviate cough caused by irritation of the mucous membranes ofthe mouth and throat.
  • Black elderberry– supports our immune system responsible for protection of our body against infections.
  • Rosehip – contains a lot of natural vitamin C, supports our immune system.
  • Raspberry –contains naturally occurring antioxidants which help to strengthen self-defence mechanisms of the human body.
  • Zinc– an element playing an essential role in keeping the body working effectively, it helps, inter alia, in the proper functioning of the immune system.
Active substances 2 lozenges 4 lozenges
Iceland moss extract 30 mg 60 mg
Propolis extract 30 mg 60 mg
Raspberry juice powder 30 mg 60 mg
Black elderberry extract 20 mg 40 mg
Rosehip extract 20 mg 40 mg
Zinc gluconate 5 mg (25%NRV)* 10 mg (100%NRV)*

*NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

Indications for use

This product is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Recommended daily dosage

From 2to 4 lozenges a day. The lozenges contain a sweetener; they can be used by diabetic’s patients.


Store in a dry place, in room temperature, out of reach of small children.


20 lozenges


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