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APCA DAIRY PRODUCTS : We are proud to introduce our own brand of high quality Powdered milk product which has the same nutrition as fresh milk. Our formula provides bone-building nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A. It is also rich in riboflavin phosphorous and B12, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.
Our Powdered milk product is a powerful source of protein that can be added to recipes to increase the,amount of protein and energy (especially for people with health conditions that need extra protein).
Our product comes in different bag sizes for better use.
It is useful for Cooking, Drinking, Boosting the nutrients in the daily foods, and also Decreases Fracture and Other Bone-related Risks . not to forget, it Helps Maintain a Healthy Heart also Provides Healthy Milk for Lactose Intolerant Individuals.

We provide many types of milk powder for different consumptions such as Fat filled milk powder & skimmed milk powder.

We export & insure shipment in time at low prices, also we would be happy to provide free samples to companies interested in our goods.



We offer a wide range of APCA DAIRY INDUSTRY products, please follow the link by clicking HERE to download the product catalog.

For more details please contact us.