RESPAN | Veterinary


  • Adverse environmental conditions (high temperature and dust)
  • High concentration of harmful gases
  • Pollution of the upper respiratory tract
  • High overcrowding of birds
  • Prevention and treatment of upper respiratory system diseases


  • better air in the chicken coop
  • less stress in the flock
  • reduced amount of pathogenic bacteria in the air


prophylactically: 250ml / 1000L of drinking water for 3 days.
interventionally: 500ml / 1000L of drinking water.
fogging: a solution 300ml in 10L warm water to be sprayed
with the use of a mist generator.


Store in a cool and dark place, keep away from direct sunlight and frost.


24 month from production date presented on the label.

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RESPAN: We provide high European quality veterinary products at low & economic prices.

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APCA GROUP POLAND …. We provide and export High quality European veterinary products to Asian & African countries.

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